The Digital Journalist
On the morning of August 4, we accompanied a two-car convoy from Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) as it attempted to deliver desperately needed medical supplies to the hospital in the frontline town of Bint Jebail. The MSF mission was in direct defiance of the Israeli army's recently announced ban on all vehicular travel south of the Litani River. On the road leading into Bint Jebail, perhaps two hundred meters before the hospital, we passed a new Mercedes that someone had parked – or abandoned – on the road shoulder. At the hospital, the half-dozen medics still manning the damaged facility took advantage of our presence to step out the front door and into the sunshine, the first time they had done so, they said, in over a week. After about 10 minutes, an Israeli tank secreted on a nearby hillside fired a shell into the Mercedes, setting it on fire. "It means they want us to go back inside, and you to leave," one of the medics casually explained.