The Digital Journalist

Barbra Streisand

I worked with Barbra on "Funny Girl," her first film. One afternoon, production stopped completely because Barbra did not feel the set lighting was right for her. She argued with veteran film director William Wyler, who refused to listen, but Barbra was adamant. From the Broadway stage, she had learned how to tell when the lighting was good for her from the heat of the lamps. This day, Barbra knew the lighting was not right and she would accept nothing less than perfection. Once on a film set she said to me, "I know what a director is for. It's for when I can't make up my mind."

In 1972, Barbra performed at a concert with James Taylor and Carole King to support the George McGovern campaign. She had not sung for several months but when she opened her mouth at the very first rehearsal, her voice was flawless and perfect. Everybody stopped what they were doing, in awe of her vocal magic.

Barbra is a star because she made herself a star, and followed her own voice and vision. That tenacity, along with her natural talent, has made her unstoppable.