El Maelifell al Borde del Glaciar Myrdal Sjokull, Iceland (63°48' N, 18°57' E)
From: "EARTH FROM ABOVE": An aerial portrait of our planet
Since 1990, Yann Arthus-Bertrand has flown over hundreds of countries to shoot aerial portraits of our planet. His photographs invite all of us to reflect upon the future of Earth and its inhabitants. Over the past 50 years, humans have changed ecosystems more rapidly and extensively than in any comparable period of time in human history.Under the assaults of mankind, our planet's ecosystem appear everywhere to deteriorate : fresh water, oceans, forests, air, arable land, open spaces, cities - Whatever the media (books, exhibitions, web sites, films, posters) Earth from Above reminds us that each and everyone of us is responsible of the future of the Earth. Because each one of us has a part, we all have the duty to act.