April 2008, Issue 126
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  • Dispatches: Notes from the field - Supported by Canon

    • Dispatches: Notes from the Field
      In April we have three dispatches and an Update. Stephen Voss comments on his experience of the McCain presidential campaign in the U.S.A.; Danish photographer Carsten Snejbjerg reports on the internally displaced persons in Georgia; Rafael Ben-Ari returns with his coverage of the missile attacks from the Gaza Strip deeper into Israel. In our Update, John Gilhooley writes of more adventures within the music and culture of Los Angeles. more>>
  • Photo Journalism

    • Tech Tips
      My understanding is that the focus screen needs to be optimized for the AF system and the amount of light being passed to my eye is not accurate at wider apertures in regards to the actual depth of field (DOF). more >>
    • Nuts & Bolts
      Philip Jones Griffiths died last month of cancer. He lived with it for a long time and did so without self-pity. more >>
  • Commentary

    • Political Junkie Heaven
      Verbiage should be the theme of the current campaign for president. Not the horse race. Not the gotcha moments. Not anything else anyone can name. more >>
    • Debate Cosmetics
      Mark the date, the time, the place and the broadcast, especially if you are interested in the political future of our country. more >>
    • The Joy of Teaching
      My 8-year-old daughter is going through a difficult period with her numbers. I had the same problem when I was her age. She is answer-driven. more >>
  • Editorial

    • Stolen Images
      It happens all too frequently. Someone in cyberspace rips off the photos and words we create. more >>
  • Local Media in a Postmodern World

    • It's Not the Same Game
      During the Vietnam War, I was stationed at a long-range navigation base in the Philippines with 15 other guys. more >>
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