May 2008, Issue 127
May 2008 Features - 1 of 3 
  • Dispatches: Notes from the field - Supported by Canon

    • Dispatches: Notes from the Field
      This month in Dispatches Chip Somodevilla looks at American Catholics and their welcome of Pope Benedict XVI, Andrew McConnell reports on the continuing calamity in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Stewart Cook brings us face to face with the Canadian seal hunt. more>>
  • E-Bits

    • E-Bits: The Press for Truth.
      Theoretical physicist John Archibald Wheeler was with us until April 13, when at age 96 he took his last breath and no doubt embraced whatever is next in a style only a theoretical physicist, a mystic, or someone who thinks outside the box could. more>>
  • Photo Journalism

    • Tech Tips
      This month's edition of Tech Tips marks the 3rd anniversary of the column here on The Digital Journalist. A hearty thanks to all of our readers, especially those who have taken the time to send in their questions and comments. more >>
    • Ethics: Photojournalist - Know Thyself
      That guideline emphasizes the important role that emotion plays in photojournalism. Proof that the professionals follow their own advice is evident in award-winning photographs. more >>
  • Commentary

    • -30-
      Wake up on any given day and you might see the face of Katie Couric on the morning TV shows, on the Internet and in your newspaper. more >>
    • Out of the Game
      Weeks ago I read a chilling, real-life story about a journalist – a star journalist no less--which any journalist born to the game would find frightening. more >>
    • Light Speed
      Today, because of its speed, the Internet, as radio once did, has within it the power to change lives and peoples' destiny. Repressive governments seem powerless to stop access to the Web. more >>

    • In the Eye of the Myanmar (Burma) Cyclone
      Three days of driving rain had already begun to ruin the dry season rice harvest, leaving the crop under water, before I returned to Yangon from Bago on the day the cyclone struck. more >>
  • Camera Corner

    • HP Photosmart Pro B8850 Printer
      I reviewed HP's first 13" x 19" pigment ink printer, the Photosmart Pro B9180, a little over a year ago and was impressed with both its print quality and its price point. more >>
  • Editorial

    • How Not To Do Newspaper Video
      The Digital Journalist was probably the first publication to start talking about how newspapers would need to migrate their brand to the Web, and the key element was going to be with video. more >>
  • NAB 2008

    • Commentary: The NAB Gets Real
      With some 111,000 attendees, the annual convention of the National Association of Broadcasters is the second largest convention to be held in Las Vegas each year, behind the Consumer Electronics Show. more >>
    • The Power and Responsibility of our Nation's Broadcasters
      Hello, I'm Tim Robbins. I'd like to thank you for the invitation to address you here at the National Association of Broadcasters. When I first received the invitation I was a little confused because the last time I had contact with the national media I seem to remember them telling me to shut the hell up. more >>
    • What's New at NAB 2008
      It's the biggest toy store in the world. But this one is for adults who won't blink an eye at dropping a couple of million bucks on the latest satellite truck or news helicopter. more >>
  • Local Media in a Postmodern World

    • It's Not the Same Game
      Slowly but surely the path that leads to journalism's future is increasingly one of participation by the people formerly known as the audience. more >>
  • Assignment Sheet

    • Through a Lens Dimly:
      Studio Assignments

      Contrary to the common belief that newspaper photographers spend all of their working hours covering breaking news or photographing entertainment stars, royalty, political heavies and the like, most of us who have been in the business for awhile can state otherwise. more>>
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