September 2008, Issue 131
11th Anniversary Edition
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  • Dispatches: Notes from the field - Supported by Canon

    • Dispatches: Notes from the Field
      This month we have four timely dispatches: Chris Hondros on the Russian invasion of Georgia; Tarik Tinazay, also in Georgia, reports on the refugees he encountered; Jean Chung adds Olympics coverage with a look at the security around Beijing during the games, and Jason Motlagh reports on the Maoist insurgency in India. more>>
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  • Photo Journalism

    • In Stone
      In mid-July The New York Times ran an unusual front-page story by Michael Kamber and Tim Arango with the headline, "4,000 U.S Deaths, and a Handful of Images." It was about news coverage in Iraq and its failings. The words were direct, the outrage carefully parsed. more >>
    • Common Cents: Our Side
      The message board at SportsShooter was more like a paintball war during a recent multi-threaded exchange about working for free. more >>
    • Tech Tips
      I currently have an EOS 20D DSLR and recently purchased a "refurbished by Canon" EF400mm f/5.6L USM lens. At first I thought it was a soft copy, but after inspecting a few images and doing some testing, I discovered it was a front focus issue (about 1.5 inches at 15 feet and 3 inches at 30 feet). more >>
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