November 2008, Issue 133
Sept. 2008 Features - 1 of 2 
  • Dispatches: Notes from the field - Supported by Canon

    • Dispatches: Notes from the Field
      This month we have three dispatches: Jean Chung returns to earthquake ravaged Sichuan province in China, Paul Taggart investigates the circumstances of Georgian refugees from the 1990 Georgian-Abkhaz war, and Max Whittaker meets residents of a tent city for the homeless in Reno. more>>
  • E-Bits

    • E-Bits: Beyond the Comfort Zone
      One of the defining characteristics of photojournalists is a relentless willingness to step outside of their comfort zones. There's nothing so consciousness-raising as being in totally unfamiliar territory and forced to come to terms with it more>>
  • Photo Journalism

    • Bucking the Trend
      I know a young photojournalist in Brooklyn named Joshua Wolfe who devotes his time and craft to making pictures of climate change. Wolfe is also an entrepreneur, a young man with big ideas. more >>
    • Tech Tips
      I've been combing the web for insights as to the best way to shoot flash with a Canon EOS 5D and 30D. We use them for weddings, and are having inconsistent results. Are there optimum settings to use for best results? more >>
    • Common Cents:
      Nuts and Bolts

      I provide my clients with finished products in which I typically wear all of the creative and editorial hats — videographer, producer, director, editor, etc. more >>
    • Ethics:
      And Do You Promise

      The gruesome murder of pregnant Marine Maria Lauterbach was – and continues to be – a blockbuster story for The (Jacksonville, N.C.) Daily News. She was a soldier who was murdered, her bones later discovered in a fire pit. more >>
  • Camera Corner

    • The Canon 5D Mark II
      The camera that so many, especially Platypai, have been waiting so long for will finally hit stores in December. more >>
  • Commentary

    • How I Learned to Read
      As more newspapers collapse, shrink and disappear, I thought I would take a few minutes of your time and regale you with a tale about newspapers, and how I learned to read them when I was a boy. more >>
  • Remembering

    • Leading Photojournalism Educator Killed in Nepal
      It is with immense sadness that we report the sudden death of Professor Yang Xiaoguang, Dean of Dalian College of Image Art and founder of the Photo MA program. Yang was killed in a car crash in the Himalayan foothills of Nepal on Oct. 7. more >>
  • Local Media in a Postmodern World

    • Personal Walled Gardens
      In Frances Hodgson Burnett's The Secret Garden, Archibald Craven sealed up his wife's walled garden after her death and hid away the key. more >>
  • Assignment Sheet

    • A Reporter’s Life:
      The Woman Thing

      I want to say a word about the woman thing. Now that the election is over and we’ve all had a chance to talk ourselves to pieces about the Hillary thing and the Sarah thing and the “woman as president” thing, I am taken back to the “woman thing” as it applies to our own species, namely journalist. And what that says about where we’re all going moving forward. more>>
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