© Lewis Hine
Early child labor at a U.S. cotton mill, 1909. Some boys and girls were so small that they had to climb up to the spinning frame to work on broken threads and empty bobbins. Bibb Mill No. 1, Macon, Ga.
A Global Warming Travelogue
© Gary Braasch
Chicago, 1995, when an urban heat wave killed more than 700 people. This -- and scientific predictions of global warming effects -- foreshadowed the overwhelming heat of August 2003, when more than 20,000 deaths occurred across Europe, and the Northern Hemisphere heat wave of 2006.
© Gary Braasch
Disintegrating Müller Ice Shelf on Antarctic Peninsula, April 2000, seen from the National Science Foundation research icebreaker Nathanel B. Palmer, on the scene to study global warming and climate.