Requiem - Tan Binh, Vietnam, 1966
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Tan Binh, Vietnam, 1966

The body of a Viet Cong soldier is dragged behind an armored vehicle en route to a burial site after fierce fighting on February 24, 1966. (UPI)


Shortly after I opened the UPI picture bureau in Saigon in March of 1965, Sawada, who had been confined to a darkroom for the wire service in Tokyo showed up. 

He had taken his vacation time and paid his own way to Vietnam. Even though he was the same age of most young photographers covering the war he had a maturity and sense of artistic commitment that made him seem older and wiser. Though most of us shot with Nikons, Sawada was a Leica man, and he used it like the precision instrument it is. 

In 1965, he won both the Pulitzer Prize and the World Press Photo grand award. In 1972, after his death in Cambodia, he received the Robert Capa Gold Medal. 

(Dirck Halstead) 

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