Mary Fisher (right) talks with Mary Mider.
Photograph by Dirck Halstead.

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Mary Fisher's Heroes

"For human power, no set of people are as extra- ordinary as the caregivers who come, most  of them unpaid, to help us manage our lives when life itself grows fragile and fearful. They are, collectively, an almost entirely invisible army of compassion." 
                                       - Mary Fisher

Editor's Note:

In June of 1997, Mary Fisher, a friend who I had known since she was an advance person in the Ford White House, asked me if I would mind accompanying her on the final leg of a project she had been working on for two years, to photograph AIDS caregivers across the country.

Mary, the mother of two boys, came forward and spoke before the nation during the 1992 Republican National Convention, to proclaim that she, who had come from one of the most priviledged families in the United States, had AIDS.

Now, seven years later, she was spending her precious energy to shed rays of light on those people she considered the heroes of this ugly epidemic, the caregivers. Over a period of four years, she crisscrossed the country, from Conner's Nursery in West Palm Beach, to a nursery in the women's prison in Rikers island, to an AIDS clinic in Birmingham, Alabama, to Rosie's place, a home in Boston for women in need.

Mary is not a professional photographer or journalist. As I watched her take her pictures, in every case, she received as much love from her subjects as she tried to lavish on them.

Mary is truly a loving storyteller. It is these stories that were published in December in her book "ANGELS IN OUR MIDST" by Moyer Bell that THE DIGITAL JOURNALIST is proud to present.
                                                                                               - Dirck Halstead

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