Mary Fisher's Heroes
Real Audio of Mary Fisher and a Connor's volunteer. 

Jenny Cray at Connor's Nursery, West Palm Beach, Florida.

Choosing Love
    Connor's Nursery provides short- and long-term care as well as respite care for up to twenty infants and children with HIV/AIDS. Established in 1990, Connor's Nursery "provides these special children with the very best quality of life possible and, above all, offers the necessary support to keep the family together."
    Some of the children are born with AIDS. Some have a crack or heroin or cocaine addiction at birth. Some are transferred from the hospital, brought in by hopeless mothers, some simply abandoned. The children are, in every sense of the word, "the community's babies." They belong to us. They are the consequence for our values and policies, the children who pay the cost of our indifference. They are, while they live, if they live, living indictments. Seeing them, we should feel less pity and more guilt.
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