History by Carl Mydans
 American fighter and bomber pilots
take shelter in a shallow trench at
Clark Field in the Philippines after
Japanese air attacks destroyed their
planes on the ground on the first day
of the war. Some of these pilots, and
many others, got out to fly again;
some fought and died as infantry
soldiers on Bataan and Corregidor;
some died in Japanese prison camps.
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After surrendering along with the allied forces when the Philippines fell to the Japanese, the Mydans spent the next two years in a POW camp. Early in their internment, the authorities, realizing that Carl was a famous magazine photographer, offered them their freedom if they would take pictures for the Japanese. The Mydans refused. 

Late in 1943, they were released in a prisoner exchange and returned to the U.S.

To order a copy of this photo, contact
the LIFE Gallery of Photography.
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