History by Carl Mydans
 Lee Rogers and John Todd lost 131
pounds between them during their four
years in Santo Tomas, and both suffered
beriberi. I shared a room with them and
thirty five other men before I was transferred
to China and eventually repatriated.
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Carl and Shelley talk about the liberation
of their former prison, Santo Tomas.
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MacArthur, knowing that Carl had been held prisoner by the Japanese, placed him with the first American armored regiment as it sped towards Manila. Late at night, the tanks drew up in front of the Santo Tomas prison. Carl dismounted and walked to the front gate and called out. One of his friends from the camp slowly approached, squinting in the glare of the tank lights. Carl called out..."It's Carl! Carl Mydans!" In disbelief the emaciated survivors ran their hands over his face. "My God! It is Carl Mydans!" They wept.

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