Inside "Seinfeld"
Photographs by 
David Hume Kennerly

An exclusive look behind the scenes
at the last episodes of America's
top TV show.

A Multimedia Presentation of

25 photos and RealAudio clips.

RealAudio: Introduction 
by David Hume Kennerly

Jerry's Off Duty - Photo by David Hume Kennerly
RealAudio: "Jerry's Off-Duty"

Introduction by Dirck Halstead

David Hume Kennerly is something else.

His father, Tooney Kennerly, was one of the last great pitchmen. He traveled the circuit of any show that would book him. He could convince a crowd of people, who would throw five dollar bills at him, that HE had figured out the way to keep their eye glasses from fogging up.

Tooney taught his son, that if you convince people that you have an answer to their problems, they will embrace you.

Throughout David's professional career—from the Portland OREGONIAN to UPI's Saigon Bureau Chief, where he won a Pulitzer Prize in 1972, to TIME Magazine, and now, at NEWSWEEK—he has always remembered that people simply want to be paid attention to.

It doesn't matter if the people are Presidents of the United States, or Jerry Seinfeld. If you convince them you really CARE about what they do, they are eager to invite you into their lives.

Kennerly started his campaign to be allowed to chronicle the last episode of SEINFELD, one of the pop culture icons of the '90s, by sending Jerry Seinfeld a copy of his book, PHOTO OP. It was accompanied by a photograph he had recently taken of the President and First Lady.

The message was simple and straight forward: do you want your last show chronicled in the company of great statesmen and presidents?

The answer was yes.

In the following essay, we are proud to present the behind-the-scenes photographs that Kennerly was permitted to shoot.

Photograph (c) David Hume Kennerly, 1998

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