RealAudio Introduction to "The Sniders"

In June, 1969, Harold Snider moved to London and and took a job as a Braille proofreader. He had just graduated second in his class from Georgetown University, and he intended to pursue a Master's Degree and begin his next phase of life.

Gail Lovelace was also working as a Braille proofreader. She was born and raised in England, and had been a top student all through school and college. She already had a degree in Foreign Languages, and had also worked as a social worker and counselor.

Harold was introduced to Gail, and they began a vigorous courtship. Harold and Gail were born blind, but they both came from families that encouraged and supported their emotional and intellectual growth. When they met, it was the right place and the right time. Two weeks later, they got engaged. In September, 1969, they were married in London.

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