At the School of Visual Arts in New York City, I developed my passion for documentary photography.  With the support of some very influential teachers like Helen Buttfield, David Vestal and Eric Kroll, I developed my own syle of shooting, and I began to understand the powerful impact that social documentary photography and photojournalism can have. I attended the Eddie Adams Workshop in 1990, where I met Dirck Halstead and several other very influential friends.


In 1990, I began to seriously photograph my parents lives for the greater purpose of educating my audiences about the realities and capabilities of blind people.  Since that time, I've continued to photograph stories about blind people, and most of them are displayed in this presenation. I've also built my own exhibition structures to display these photo stories, and I've exhibited them in public places like parks and several government buildings around DC.

Even though my work has touched many people, I'll never be able to have my parents experience my photography.  It's the eternal irony of my life - my parents are blind and I'm a visual journalist. But now that I'm working with video, thanks to Dirck Halstead, I'm able to widen my audience and produce work that they can enjoy as well.

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