Seinfeld photo by David Hume Kennerly
Jason: "We had all been through a lot the past couple of seasons...Then we went through this season knowing it was the end. There was a ton of emotion, yet we weren't an emotional group, and consequently, nothing got expressed. All we did was make jokes. But after that last line, we allowed ourselves to admit that what we'd done was truly extraordinay. We suddenly turned into a blubbering group of people hugging and kissing. "Hey, I love you, man. I'm going to miss you."

Michael: "The show really did end at the right time. Had it ended a year or two earlier, I would have thought we'd lost out. Had it continued, I probably would've thought we pushed it too far. But at the end of this nine, we knew that we'd done it. There was no sadness for me, only joy."

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