Photograph by David Turnley 
In exile, the Tibetan Government has been reorganized according to modern democratic principles. It administers all matters pertaining to Tibetans in exile, including the re-establishment, preservation and development of Tibetan culture and education, and leads the struggle for the restoration of Tibet's freedom. The Tibetan people, both inside and outside Tibet, consider their Government in Exile based in Dharamsala, North India, to be the sole  legitimate government of Tibet.
Following the 1959 Chinese invasion and occupation, Tibetans faced the destruction of their culture and religion (of the country's 6,259 monasteries, nunneries and temples, all but eight have been destroyed). They had a duty which transcended the need to keep body and soul together; they had a duty to nurture a whole civilization in exile.
With help from several concerned governments, organisations and philanthropic individuals, and the sheer tenacity of the Tibetans themselves, they have achieved today what might have seemed impossible 40 years ago when they first set foot on Indian soil.
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