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Are you under 40? Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to be a working news photographer in Saigon during the Vietnam War? Dodging bullets in the afternoon, drinking "33" beers at night?

Were you there in 1968? Do you want to remember the "Good Old Days" of your youth?

If so, the directors of the Hue Photographic Workshops are pleased to announce the first in what will hopefully be many re-creations of combat situations guaranteed to give you the authentic feel of an important era in American History, from a photographic perspective.

You'll get up at Noon every day, climb into a Huey and be flown to a series of "fire-fights." You'll shoot in B&W on vintage Nikon F and Leica M3 cameras. You'll have to think fast to get "the shot" and get to the office without "injury." You'll develop your own film in vintage tanks and reels. You'll make one print every day and send it to "headquarters" over bad telephone lines using vintage UPI transmission equipment.  Bring your best boots because you'll be slogging through some of the nastiest "rice paddies" in the mid-west.

Back at your hotel (a former Holiday Inn that has been lovingly transformed into a near-replica of the Continental in 60's Saigon) you'll be able to drink cheap beer, eat food with unpronounceable names, use French words in ways that your high school teacher never dreamed about and make up stories about your day "in the field." Then it's off to a nightclub for an evening of debauchery (at additional cost) that will have your wife threatening divorce....if you're crazy enough to tell her about it. As you crawl into bed at daybreak you'll smile as your drift off to a fitful sleep..... Only to do it all again the next day!

Freelance and staff photojournalists, serious amateurs and student photographers seeking to expand their personal "vision" should give serious consideration to attending our first session in July of 2000. Tuition is only $995 payable by check or major credit card. Additional fees include $195 for lab fees and $495 for the final day's optional "live fire incident" during which real bullets will be used (a notarized release will be mandatory for anyone opting for the "live fire" session.) 

The Workshops are located in scenic Hue, Ohio, only 50 miles from downtown Columbus and easily reachable by car.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed are barely my own much less my employer's so don't blame Time Magazine, Time Inc. or Time-Warner for anything written here. If you have to blame something try Hurricane Floyd. I mean come on, either hit or miss, stop screwing around with a few glancing blows.....

Jim Colburn
(aka james.colburn@pressroom.com)

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