The Broken Empire
Trans-Siberian Railroad
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Trans-Siberian Railroad story.
Siberia, Russia. 1997
The Trans-Siberian Railroad, a century old monument to the Tsars’ imperial will and the Soviet Union’s industrial might, is the world’s longest railway. It begins in Moscow and runs eastward through the Ural Mountains and across all of Asia to Vladivostok on the Sea of Japan. Although work began in 1891, the first time a train traveled uninterrupted was only in 1904.
Krasnoyarsk, Russia. 1997 
Buying a ticket for the Trans-Siberian Railway requires patience, and warm clothing in winter, since many stations’ heating systems are turned off even during the winter months, as the ailing Railroad is in constant financial trouble.  Separate windows serve pensioners, military personnel and railway workers.
Photograph by Gerd Ludwig
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