Photograph by Gerd Ludwig
The BrokenEmpire 
Russia's Changing Tides
Zhalanash, Kazakhstan. 1993 
Where fish once swam, camels now tread over the floor of the Aral Sea. The seashore has receded by nearly 50 miles, leaving behind a dozen rusty shipwrecks, locally referred to as the "graveyard of ships" in the once beautiful bay of the fishing village of Zhalanash. Moscow's decision to irrigate huge cotton and rice crops from the lake's two feeder rivers caused the Aral Sea to shrink to half of its former size.
RealAudio: The Morgue 

Kiev, Ukraine. 1992 - Even the state of the morgues reflects the economic hardships of the country: more and more bodies pile up, since an increased number of people die homeless or as victims of crimes and no relatives claim their bodies, sometimes even as they cannot afford the price of a funeral. When we commented on the poor hygiene, one employee was very surprised. “We cleaned up for three days, since we knew you were coming,” he remarked.

Photograph by Gerd Ludwig


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