Written by Horst Faas and Marianne Fulton

Photographs by Nick Ut / Associated Press
Page 1 - A Young Girl's Cry for Help in Vietnam and the Photographer who saved her are Honored by the London Science Museum and Queen Elizabeth II.
- Queen Elizabeth II meets Kim Phuc and Nick Ut
- The Impact of the Kim Phuc Picture From Press Reviews of the Exhibit
- Nick Ut recalls the Events of June 8, 1972
Page 3 - Kim Phuc Talks About the Incident of June 8, 1972
- The family of Kim Phuc - in Nick Ut's pictures
Page 4 - How the Picture Reached the World
- The Camera and Lens used by Nick Ut for his Pulitzer winning photograph.
Page 5

- Kim Phuc and Nick Ut Meet Again
- AFTER THE WAR ENDED: Who Dropped the Bombs?

Page 6 - Nick Ut - Still a Photographer with the Associated Press
- Kim Phuc as a Goodwill Ambassador of the United  Nations and the Publication of the Story of her Life.
Page 7 - Epilogue: Trang Bang Revisited, April 2000
- What happened to Nick Ut's original film?
Book Review - Marianne Fulton reviews Denise Chong's "The Girl in the Picture"