Bill Pierce

Leicas for Lefty's

Thank God Tom Abrahamsson is left-eyed. Left-eyed Leica photographers are always sticking their thumbs in their eyes when they use the thumbwinds on their cameras. It's not a problem for right-eyed photographers or even left-eyed users of motorized SLRs. Indeed, my EOSs don't even have thumb winds. continued>>

Amy Bowers

The Regional Adjustment

I have lots of great stories I'd like to produce this year. But my best ideas fall flat at the network and I don't know why. I mean, why didn't they jump on my story called "Topsoil in America"? Okay, I'm kidding about topsoil. If the entire nation were left foodless because of a dearth of topsoil in the heartland, "Topsoil in America" would still be boring.continued>>

Steve Smith

Video Lighting
Part Three

Last month we covered the basic three-light interview setup. This time around I thought we'd tackle lighting for other applications. Occasionally you'll encounter the need to photograph someone at a podium. There is a simple, but effective two-light technique that works very well for these situations. continued >>>

Jim Colburn

I've Got Your Transition
Problems Right Here

In Great Britain they have a Parliament. People get elected to Parliament and the majority of them get together and form a government. The head man is called the Prime Minister and he appoints a few of his buddies to lead various departments and they are known as his cabinet. They think they run the country. They are wrong. continued>>