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Sean Sutton has worked for eight years as a photojournalist for the British press and development and aid agencies, covering many of the conflicts that have scarred history over these years. He took on the post of Information Manager with the Mines Advisory Group (MAG) in April 1997. The job principally involved documenting the problems facing post-conflict communities and the life-saving solutions that MAG brings and utilizing these materials by designing and producing printed resources, the web site and corporate image.

Surviving the Peace is a timely reminder of the devastating impact that mines and unexploded ordnance have on many communities across the globe. The exhibition presents the stories of some of the many people who have shared their lives with Sean in Cambodia and other conflict affected countries.

These photographs are currently on exhibitin in Phnom Penh, Cambodia to document the impact that armed conflict has had, and continues to have, on the Khmer people and other people throughout the world many years after the fighting has stopped. Equally importantly the exhibition presents an image of hope rather than an image of hopelessness. The exhibition showcases MAG's work and dramatically illustrates how MAG builds futures for conflict affected communities in Cambodia and other mine affected countries.

MAG is a registered UK charity that works to build futures for communities affected by conflict and in particular, to address the legacy that often remains - landmines and unexploded ordnance. MAG works to rebuild environments for peace and security and seeks to identify the needs and problems faced by the community. MAG makes land safe for those who need it most so they can collect water, farm land and crow crops and go to school safely and without fear.

MAG is currently operating field programs in Angola, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, northern Iraq, Lebanon, southern Sudan, Vietnam and is planning further projects throughout 2001. Visit the MAG website at www.mag.org.uk

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