JOHN DUGDALE, a photographer known for his ethereal portraits, nudes and still lifes, has been HIV-positive for more than 15 years. Despite losing his sight to the disease, he continues to use a large-format camera to create new work each year, most often in the form of cyanotype prints. Dugdale's photographs, widely exhibited and collected, appear in four books: Lengthening Shadows Before Nightfall, The Clandestine Mind, Life's Evening Hour and New Suns Will Arise.
PRODUCER: Dirck Halstead

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Dugdale in the Studio

Watch the RealVideo
of John Dugdale
as he photographs his
sister, and model, Kathy.

Video by Dirck Halstead
Edited by David Snider


On adjusting to HIV and sight loss.
Kathy Dugdale: "He's always been very determined..."
One of his darkest moments - surviving a stroke.
On the picture "My Spirit Tried to Leave Me"
An artistic approach to documenting AIDS.
On his legacy: "A looking glass that contains scenes from the past..."
"The magic veil... happens between the camera and the subject."
On being compared to Julia Margaret Cameron.
On being an inspiration to others.
On his customized printing style.
On collectors: "It's fascinating what people are drawn to."
On his working process in his studio.
On "seeing" other photographer's work.
"Every day is like a lifetime..."