Senior Reagan administration officials help Walter Cronkite [second from left] celebrate his last interview with the president as anchor of the CBS Evening News, March 1981. With Cronkite are President Reagan, Jim Brady [partially obscured], David Gergen, Ed Meese, Vice President Bush, James Baker III, and CBS's Bud Benjamin [center].

"After Walter Cronkite's last interview with the President as the anchor of the CBS Evening News, there was a little celebration in the room off the Oval Office. I wish I had heard the President's joke." -- Diana Walker

"Reagan was the best storyteller of all kinds of jokes I've ever heard, ever met, with the possible exception of Al Simpson. I remember many luncheons just alone with Reagan, where he'd tell stories. I can't remember which one this was. One of the miracles of being a good storyteller is that you laugh yourself. And this is a good picture of that." -- George Bush

"Diana, I can't remember why we were so happy, but I'm glad you captured the moment in time -- it will help as a reminder. Just as a hint, can you remember who said what?" -- Ronald Reagan (1990)

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