President Bush addresses U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia, Thanksgiving Day, 1990.

"I was following President Bush as he visited American troops in Saudi Arabia on Thanksgiving at the time of Desert Storm. The sun was going down, and I felt I didn't have an image that showed the drama of where we were. At last we had a clear view of Bush standing above the troops. He began to throw souvenirs to the soldiers -- tie clips, key rings. The light was beautiful but going quickly, and as I squeezed the shutter, all I could do was hope I was steady and that my exposure was right, because I knew I'd have a picture" -- Diana Walker

"I had a pretty good idea on Thanksgiving of 1990 that we were going to have to fight. We were still trying diplomacy and using the United Nations and all that, but I had my mind set that we were going to have to go to war, and the irony is that troops we talked to were saying, 'We're ready. We want to get it over with and go home.' And nobody in the Unites States believed they could get it over with such speed and such efficiency and with so little loss of innocent life. But when I looked out at these faces, at this point I know I was thinking, 'How many of these kids are going to die for their country?'"
-- George Bush

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