January - Lessons Learned in Photojournalism School

November - Revising the History of Freelance Photojournalism
October - Photographs or Burgers?
September - How the Picture Agencies Are Destroying Freelance Photojournalism
August - Henry Luce, You May Lie More Peacefully in Your Grave
July - Looking For Solutions
June - The Revolution in Photo Marketing - Part Two
May - The Revolution in Photo Marketing - Part One
April - The Devaluation of Dreams
March - Nightline on the Line
February - The Icon and the Statue
January - Saving the Press: Has Anyone Seen One Lately?

December - Fear in New York
November - The State of Magazines and Photojournalism
October - The Return of Photojournalism
September - Keeping the Faith
August - The Reality of Our Recession
July - Some Truths About Photographers and War
May - Archives, Photographers, Researchers and the Cave
April - The Bloody 20%
March - Survivor Island is Looking Pretty Good
February - CNN: The Platypus is a Friend of Mine, and You're No Platypus
January - Digital Photojournalism Turns a Corner

December - Big Questions, Few Answers
November - Banging on the Closet Door
October - Saying Goodbye to Sygma
September - Reinventing the Wheel
August - Publisher's Face the Realities of the Web
July - Getting to Know You, Part II
June - Getting to Know You
May - Broken Promises
April - The Last of LIFE
March - The Vanishing Photographer
Response from Peter Howe of Corbis
February - The Death of Print? by Dan Okrent
January - Revisiting the Death of Photojournalism

December - Why We Chose Alfred Eisenstaedt as "Photojournalist of the Century"
November - The End of History and Photojournalism
Sept/October - Some Thoughts on Our Second Anniversary
August - The Platypus Meets the Blair Witch
July - The Challenge of Broadband Digital to the Media
June - Why Staff Photographers Should Care About Photographers Rights
May - Breaking the Waves
April - Reversing the Tide, Part II
March - Reversing the Tide
February - Show Me The Money
January - Trekking Towards the Millenium with the Platypus

December - Listening to the Inner Voices
November - About The Platypus Workshop
October - Looking Ahead to PJ 2001
September - What Publishers Don't Understand
August - The Monica Lesson
July - Are Picture Editors An Endangered Species? Conclusion
May/June - Are Picture Editors An Endangered Species? Part II
April - Are Picture Editors An Endangered Species?
Feb/March - Photojournalists and Responsibility for History
January - Specialization in the Age of the Platypus

December - Paying the personal price
November - Requiem
October - Diana and the Paparazzi

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