Dispatches and War Stories
May 2003

Edited by Amy Bowers and Susan Markisz

How Was It?
How do you usually prep for your assignments?

by Amy Bowers

Seeing Another Gulf War
After spending nearly three weeks in southern Iraq working as a photojournalist covering the most recent war...
by Peter Turnley

A War Journal - Part II
Wake up this morning in Sulaimaniya. Breakfast with Don McCullin. He is 68 going on 20...
by David Turnley

They Call me the Reporter
A sickening WVOOOOOM! accompanied by a desperate call of INCOMING!!!
by Cheryl Diaz Meyer

From a Baghdad Balcony, Part Il
Walking around the hotel lobby this morning, I see lots of smiles and happy faces...
by Seamus Conlan

A Soldier In An Army of Citizen Journalists
It may surprise some to know that I have never taken pleasure in foreign assignments.
by David Leeson

It was frustrating that after eight days, I was still in the port city of Umm Qasr...
by Todd Maisel

What a Homecoming
What a homecoming it was. For the sailors and aviators - Bush's visit to the carrier...
by Vince LaForet

Repack, Keep Quiet and be Patient
I crossed into Iraq from northern Kuwait in a marine Amphibious Assault Vehicle...
by Robert Nickelsberg


Iraq introduced me to a culture which operates on fear and repression...
by Tyler Hicks

In Harm's Way
When I started telling people back in January and February that I would be leaving...
by James Blue

CPL. Teasley
I left Kuwait and crossed into Iraq with the Marines on March 20th, 2003.
by Rick Loomis

The Drive
Out of the night the British officer leans into my car and whispers “wake up mate...
by Spencer Platt

Casualty of War
It was around noon and as I started walking in the 100 degree heat, I thought about my wife and daughter...
by Rob Curtis

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From Basra to Baghdad
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