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Agent Orange:  Collateral Damage in Viet Nam
Agent Orange Photo Gallery
(Warning: graphic material.)


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  • → "Photography is a powerful means of doing something worthwhile." [view]

  • → "Occasionally, luck happens, and that is why the book made it to print." [view]

  • → "Often the first impulse is to start to cry. The cry of the child is amplified in your brain. Photographers are like surgeons... they don't faint at the sight of blood. Photographers who starts crying are useless." [view]

  • → "The problem with this book is that the pictures are so shocking, you can't look at it... I tried to put pictures in that have some humanity... the horrendous pictures of kids with genitalia on their faces, I didn't use. The truly horrendous pictures are not in there." [view]

  • → "A lot of what passes for concerned photography is not that removed from police photography... There are certain things you have to draw attention to. That's my task as a photographer." [view]

  • → "There's a girl I photographed, she keeps staring at me. I was told she was brain-dead. Just before I left, sitting with her doll, she put her hand out and touched my hand. If nothing else I will remember that." [view]

  • → "What I would like is an order from ever school in the country. I would like everybody to look at the web page and donate money to the victims. The Vietnamese are forgotten. They have been abandoned." [view]

  • → "I felt it was something that had to be done and when you feel that way you simply do it." [view]

  • → "Modern warfare is more dangerous. There is more competition and people take more risks. The kids starting out don't know and they sometimes get it wrong." [view]

  • → "The real problem with digital is there is no reason to believe photographs any more." [view]

  • → "Viet Nam was where it was happening. There was this thing called Agent Orange. Children being born without eyes." [view]

  • → "Every village in Viet Nam has at least one victim." [view]

  • → "Once of the horrible things about the Viet Nam war is that it never ended for these people." [view]

  • → "I've been back over 23 years, and seeing the same kids." [view]

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