The Digital Journalist

The Face of Texas

Photographs by Michael O'Brien
Stories by Elizabeth O'Brien

Video Clips: Interview with Michael O'Brien

Interviewer: Dirck Halstead
Camera: Anna Moorehead

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  • → "The camera was my passport to the world." [view]

  • → "The newspaper was the greatest place to learn what what the photographer's role was." [view]

  • → "I liked being a witness and getting to do things I never would if I had not picked up a camera." [view]

  • → "I fell in love with the geography of Texas, the wide-open spaces, and the people had hearts as big and wide open as the landscape." [view]

  • → "It is an amazing thing, to be able to snap the shutter and record that piece of history." [view]

  • → "If you have a strong love and a desire to record something you will make good work." [view]

Michael O'Brien

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