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Laura Wilson's
Avedon at Work in the American West

Avedon at Work in the American West
Introduction by Laura Wilson
Richard Avedon was fifty-five years old in October of 1978 and at the top of his game. He had spent his life photographing people of power, people of accomplishment and women of great beauty...

Laura Wilson

by Dirck Halstead

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  • On doing Avedon at Work [view]

  • On creative process [view]

  • On how Avedon works [view]

  • On photographing the beekeeper [view]

  • On photographing the tatooed inmates [view ]

  • On the meaning of the project [view]

  • On the Loretta Lynn fan club women [view]

  • On learning to "let the subject speak for himself" [view]

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