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A Lightning Strike Into Abu Ghraib
... after I agreed to pool my photos it was decided that I could go along.
by David Hume Kennerly
I Love My Boots
"Why would anyone come here if they didn't have too?"
by Damaso Reyes
The Garden Of Mohammed
Mohammed's Garden is the anti-Iraq, or at least an oasis of good feeling in a desert of rage and fear.
by Dave Marash


I'm beginning to worry that our readers think journalism is the same as getting shot at.

This month we received dispatches from three American originals: David Hume Kennerly, Damaso Reyes, and Dave Marash. All of them sent notes from war zones; each of them focused their vision on something other than gunfire.

We begin with an inside look at Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's visit to Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Only one civilian still photographer was allowed on the trip. David Hume Kennerly tells the story.

If shoes could talk, they would speak of their slog through the "Dust Bin" in Rwanda on the feet of a freelancer. Damaso Reyes shares his perspective.

Our kicker story reads like a legend. It's whimsical, intelligent, sentimental and smart. ABC News correspondent Dave Marash wrote it from a Baghdad oasis.

Halfway through 2004, we take a break from bang bang, if only for a moment.


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