The Digital Journalist
Remembering Eddie Adams
October 2004

by Marcus Eliason

The thing I remember most vividly about Eddie was his visit to Israel, in about 1969. As the bureau neophyte and Hebrew-speaker, I was assigned to drive him around and be his translator. I was, of course, in utter awe of him — a Pulitzer Prize winner! The man who photographed that Saigon street execution! Yet what a kind, self-effacing man he turned out to be — so devoid of ego, so friendly to a young greenhorn, with no trace of "move aside, kid - Pulitzer winner coming through."

Those few days taught me something about how real journalists comport themselves - the kind who let their work speak for itself.

The funny thing was, he didn't much like my driving. Even though I'm cautious and obey speed limits, Eddie kept me going at a crawl. Like a true professional, he knew what was and wasn't worth taking risks for.

© Marcus Eliason

Marcus Eliason, formerly a correspondent for The Associated Press in the Middle East and Hong Kong, is now a top editor on the AP International Desk in New York.