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Thousand Mile Stare
I was miserably cold and scared. I thought for sure that I would be killed.
by Luis Sinco
The Battle for Falluja
The soldiers I'm with are ebullient. Many shouting "Get some" or "Four more years"
by Shawn Baldwin
I knew it would be difficult to get through the mob of people and I might miss a good a long lens shot or two from above. But at this rate, there was no way I was going to be able to photograph the actual burial.
by Stephanie Sinclair
2 from Iraq


Embedded with the Marines for the battle for Fallujah, LA Times photographer Luis Sinco shot powerful combat pictures that ran on front pages of newspapers across the United States. But it was Sinco's marvelous photo of an American warrior at rest that was noticed worldwide. His dispatch, exclusive to the Digital Journalist, brings us along with him in the moments leading up to his shot of the Marine who became known as "Marlboro Man."

How well did the Iraqi forces perform, how were combatants treated, and how was it for one photographer? Shawn Baldwin, embedded for the New York Times, shares his perspective.

There seems to be no safe place for Westerners in Iraq. But the photos by Major Bill Palmer and photojournalist Sherrlyn Borkgren in this month's JPG gallery, share a couple of gentle moments in Iraq.

In another conflict area, award-winning photographer Stephanie Sinclair describes the scene where she photographed Yassir Arafat's funeral.

Many thanks to our dispatch contributors who shared some of the most intense days of their lives with us.


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