Ten Reasons for the Superior Intellect of TV Photographers

1.  We are smart enough to work for organizations that provide us with company cars.  Put the car seat in and it doubles as the family van on weekends.   
2. We don’t have to buy our own gear.  On the weekends we can freelance with it on wedding videos or adult entertainment ventures. 
3. We haven’t shot film in 25 years.  Of course since the days of 3⁄4 inch there have been at least 10 different tape formats, none of which we can agree on.  But this gives us the opportunity to upgrade our gear every 7 years so that we can gloat over the other stations in town with older gear.       
4. We’re smart enough to work with cute gal reporters.
5. We’re smart enough to work with cute guy reporters. (If this is what floats your boat.)
6. We don’t need no stinkin’ histograms to judge exposure. “I could see a picture in the viewfinder, what do you mean it’s overexposed?”

7. Our cameras are so sophisticated that the reporters can’t use them to take snapshots.
8. We’d never be seen carrying a Domke bag because we can carry more gear than a Sherpa guide.  Maybe this isn’t so smart, but TV guys and gals make up for it with our virility.
9. We still know how to use a tripod; and are smart enough to get the reporter to carry it.
10. TV shooters are so smart we can actually count backwards from 10.
       With tongue in cheek from an anonymous videographer


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