The Digital Journalist
While working on a six-part project on poverty in Africa, I met three young sisters in eastern Congo.
by Francine Orr
Bolivia has experienced almost perpetual unrest since it became an independent republic in 1825.
by Spencer Platt
Finland Story
"Finland! Why Finland?"
by Lucian Perkins


Dispatches started in 2001, 4 years after The Digital Journalist began. Each year saw improvements. Under the editorship of Amy Marash, the sections grew and expanded. As the new editor, I will follow her lead by expanding and diversifying.

I believe that the Dispatches section goes to the heart of what TDJ is about: timely explorations into current practice, a look at behind-the-scenes activity and a celebration of great new photojournalism and the photographers who step forward.

This month we look at contemporary life in Finland and the horrors in Uganda. Both are linked to original stories and are examples of TDJ's commitment to sharing resources. Francine Orr, Lucian Perkins and Spencer Platt are all award-winning photographers. Perkins is distinguished by two Pulitzer Prizes. Each is also a fine writer. The results speak for themselves.

You, as our reader, are a vital part of the photographic conversation. If you would care to offer suggestions about Dispatches, please contact

Marianne Fulton
Dispatches Editor

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