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Cuanh, nicknamed "Cu Teo," lived with his "grandparents," Tra Van Bao and Tran Dhi Hang, on their small plot of land about 10 kilometres north of Ben Tre. He does the same agricultural work as all the other peasants in the area and left school for the fields because the other children taunted him. Cuanh, when five years old, was abandoned by his mother in a forest during the withdrawal from Kontum in the last days of the war in 1975. The grandparents' son, an ARVN soldier who brought him to Ben Tre, found him. After the war some "people" from Saigon came to Ben Tre to buy Amerasian children but the "grandparents" refused to sell the boy. On my arrival Cuanh ran away and his grandmother was visibly shaken until she was reassured that I was not there to take away the boy.