The Digital Journalist
Hollywood Splash
July 2005

Integral to the image of Southern California glamour and success, the luxurious backyard pool symbolizes fun in the sun for those who have made it - vivid, aqueous proof of the American Dream hard at play. As much of an icon of prosperity as it is a decadent trophy for healthful living and social aspirations, the pool is one of America's supreme status symbols dating back to the time of The Great Gatsby. More than an athletic accoutrement, the swimming pool is superbly designed for socializing, frolicking, sunbathing, skinny-dipping ... in short, for having loud, splashy fun.

Rosanna Arquette

Photo by Véronique Vial
In Hollywood Splash photographer Véronique Vial took a dip into the private pools of today's top actors and models, and captured exclusive wet poses and staged aquatic antics from hundreds of famous and soon-to-be-famous stars, celebrities, and notable faces. It features amusing and hilarious collaborative wet hijinks, all playfully cavorting and hamming it up in, with, on, around, beside, under, and over water and other aqueous substitutes for Vial's camera.

Born in Paris, France, Vial grew up in a very traditional family, the only girl of six children. When her father gave her a Hasselblad camera for her 19th birthday, he probably never realized that this gift to his daughter would change her life forever. It wasn't long before Vial's captivating work was recognized and parlayed into several photography books spanning the globe.

Her first celebrity portraits appeared in A Day in the Life of Hollywood (Harper Collins 1991). Additionally, Vial has published several titles. She is an exclusive backstage photographer for the famed circus troupe Cirque du Soleil. Her first monograph on this project, Cirque du Soleil (Rizzoli), was released in 1993, followed by her gorgeous black-and-white pictorial entitled Wings: Backstage With Cirque du Soleil (Arena Editions 1999). And in May 2001 she published 'O' Cirque du Soleil at Bellagio (powerHouse Books). In 2001 she also released Women Before 10 a.m. (powerHouse Books) and Men Before 10 a.m. Too!!! (powerHouse Books). Out now is her latest title, Hollywood Splash (powerHouse Books).

Vial has exhibited her work at the prestigious Visa Pour l'Image in Perpignan and Fahey/Klein Gallery in Los Angeles. She has also received the APA World Press Award in 1998.

The show Hollywood Splash opens September 10, 2005 at Hamilton Galleries & Tracy Park Gallery in Santa Monica, Calif.

We hope you enjoy this cool summer feature.