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Tribute to Gordon Parks

Gordon Parks
Don't Say Can't
There is a story told by jazz aficionados that when somebody asked Dave Brubeck why the legendary and innovative saxophonist Paul Desmond started to play the way he did Brubeck replied, "Because nobody told him he couldn't."
by Peter Howe
A Life Worth Living: Gordon Parks
Gordon Parks passed from this earth into the next life.
by Eli Reed
A Life Well Lived
There are few individuals who stand out over the passage of time.
by Douglas Kirkland
Coming Home
I was in Ventura, Calif., teaching the Platypus Workshop, when I heard that Gordon Parks had died.
by Dirck Halstead

Gordon Parks: A Picture Editor's Personal Remembrance
He sits at his piano, fingers moving effortlessly over its keys, and as smoke curls from his pipe, there is a sense of tranquility, as if nothing else exists in the softness of the night.
by Barbara Baker Burrows

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