The Digital Journalist
Burning Man
July 2007

by Barbara Traub

When I came to "Burning Man" armed with bricks of film and trusty camera, I wasn't sure what I was going to shoot. Something was definitely out there and I had to capture it on film. I had to go from voyeur to provocateur to make things happen. There were fires and dancers, hail and mud, all the art and machines, the naked and the painted in the desert and neon light.

These were skeins that I wove into my work.

I became a part of the spectacle, performing the part of the photographer. The spider dance of the camera around the photographed contributed to the total tableau vivant. For me the essence of "Burning Man" is performance – interacting and creating with people to see what happens in the intimate yet infinite expanse of the desert.

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© Barbara Traub

Barbara Traub is a photographer and multimedia artist currently residing in California. Micropublishng News of Northern California identified her as "a San Francisco photographer who specializes in the surreal." Her prints are included in collections worldwide.

To view more of her photos in this feature, see her book, "Desert to Dream: A Decade of 'Burning Man' photography."