The Digital Journalist
Death in Saigon

by Ron Steinman

The Digital Journalist's Executive Editor, Ron Steinman, has a new novel, "DEATH IN SAIGON," published this month. Here is a sneak preview:

Looking for adventure, young freelance journalist Adam Berg finds himself in Saigon during the Vietnam War. Unsure if he wants to keep covering the carnage, he temporarily deserts his profession and joins up with a discharged American Air Force sergeant to deal drugs and pimp. Befriended by a Vietnamese police inspector who does not care about the war and wants only to solve crimes, especially the recent brutal murders of Vietnamese prostitutes, Berg is enlisted to help capture the American drug lord, whom the detective believes is the killer. Against a background of a Saigon we rarely see, the young journalist falls deeply in love with a beautiful Vietnamese prostitute, who is also tragically murdered. To overcome his grief, Berg is drawn into the world of the opium den. But as he experiences love and loss, he destroys the drug lord in a sudden, brutal act of revenge.

Ron Steinman is also an author and freelance documentarian through his company, Douglas/Steinman Productions, at

"DEATH IN SAIGON" is available for purchase [$19.95] through,, or