The Digital Journalist
One Phone,
One Earth,
One Plan
August 2007

by PF Bentley

Now that iPhone is here and it's the greatest thing since the wheel, I have a message to my buddy at Apple, Steve Jobs.

Dear Steve:

I somehow misplaced your cell phone number. This seemed like a good way to contact you again 'cause we all know you read The Digital Journalist.

The iPhone is a wonderful device that is already changing the way we receive our communications, information and visual material. Now, you need to take this one step further and create a new calling plan called "One Phone, One Earth, One Plan." Here's how it would work:

For the same calling/data plans rates you have in place now, make the iPhones truly "world phones." We would want to be able to call to and from anywhere on the planet easily and with no extra charges as I do now within the U.S.

If we want to call Japan from the U.S and the call is 5 minutes – that time is just taken off our monthly minutes with no added charges.

We're in Japan and want to call the U.S. – same deal – the time is simply taken off our minutes – no added charges.

We're in Japan and want to call a number in Japan – same deal again – no added charges.

You want to call me from Cupertino and I'm in Japan – no problem; just call my cell number and I get the call like I'm down the street.

This would also all work for e-mail and the Web too as you would also have worldwide Apple Wi-Fi.

In order to implement this idea, Apple might have to become its own wireless carrier to bypass the many different telecommunications companies and systems used worldwide. We all know that being Apple, you would have much better service and coverage than is now available.

The current Byzantine tower of charges and technical gymnastics one must do when traveling overseas with a phone is ridiculous, as you know. Sky-high roaming charges, phones that don't work, special phone rentals, installation of a new SIM card for that country, secret codes to remember when dialing. It makes the experience so complicated that it's almost like using a PC.

The iPhone is so easy and cool to use. Now make it easy and cool to use for all of Planet Earth (not to mention the easy and cool worldwide sales generated, as iPhone using the One Phone, One Earth, One Plan is THE phone to get).

No charge.

Keep in touch; we'll do lunch.


[P.S. – By the way, I have those update ideas for Final Cut Pro 7 you asked for.]

© PF Bentley

PF Bentley is lead Final Cut Pro instructor at the Platypus Workshops. We won't bore you here with his 12-page bio & resume.