May 2009, Issue 139
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  • Dispatches: Notes from the field - Supported by Canon

    • Dispatches: Notes from the Field
      In May our dispatches Billy Macrae photographed the G20 riots in London; Texan Lance Rosenfield has been photographing a series on Texas small-town rodeos, and Will Baxter documents Zimbabwe's cholera epidemic. more>>
  • Video Journalism

    • 85 and Still Kicking
      The Fabulous Palm Springs Follies holds the Guinness record for being the oldest professional chorus line in the world, and one of its performers, Dorothy Dale Kloss, holds the record—at age 85—for being the oldest “still-performing showgirl.” more>>
  • Review

    • Fighting for Life: A Review
      The problem the public has had with the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and still has, is that there is almost no coverage of the war. By that, I mean we rarely see any combat – what war is, after all, about. more >>
  • Essays

    • Just an Old-Fashioned Guy
      I start shooting a new documentary in May. The subject is mental health, but this essay is not about that film as a film but how I still will make films in what I call "the old-fashioned way." The way I know best. more >>
  • Announcements

  • Local Media in a Postmodern World

    • Advertising Loses Its Balance
      In his brilliant speech at the 2007 Supernova conference, former McKinsey and now Deloitte and Touche business guru John Hagel posed fourteen unanswered questions about business in the age of digital connectivity and information technology. more >>
  • Assignment Sheet

    • Through a Lens Dimly:

      I remember it being a warm, muggy, early summer afternoon back in 1961. I had been with the paper for about a year and a half and as the new man in the Photo Department, I had the crappiest shift with days off in the middle of the week. I didn't care. I was living la dolce vita; the good life. more>>
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