Photo Nosh

Menu by David Friend

Alas, the only way to market a business these days is to involve celebrities---or to fool the public into believing that a product or service is, in fact, worthy of celebrity status. To that end, I offer this modest proposal for a franchise of photography-themed restaurants, scheduled to open in the year 2000. Photo-Nosh, a cafe-style restaurant, will reinforce the status of photographers as celebrities by virtue of their having foodstuffs named after them. The proposed menu for Photo-Nosh:

(Please ask waitress about Glass-Plate Specials)

Cornell Capa-ccino
Latte Jacobi
Garry Win-o-Gran

Weegee Wedge
Hiro Hero
Robert Frank (with special Hot Daguerre sauce)
Theo Westen-burger
Josef Koudelkatessen Sandwich
All selections available on Margaret
Bourke-Whitebread, Henri Cartier
Croissant, or Oliviero Toscani Tuscan Olive Bread)

Cindy Sherbert
Tortoni Suau
Henry Robinson Peaches
Helmut Fig Newtons

Rachel Cobb Salad
Bar Snacks
David Muenchies
James Noshtweys
Herbed Ritz crackers
Ralph Morsels
Gilles Peretzels
and Eadweard Muy-Bridge Mix
Rene Burri-to
Tobasco Salgado-Steak
Steich'n Potatoes
Grey Villet of Sole
Ed Kashi Kasha

David Friend is Editor of Creative Development at Vanity Fair. (

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