The Digital Journalist is proud to offer these 
limited-edition prints from the photography 
that we have published.

Andre Lambertson's photographs from No Moment of Silence are for sale. The prices are $350 for an 11x14 inch print, and $500 for a 16x20 inch print. The pictures wil be mounted in archival mat boards, and can be obtained by contacting Mr. Lambertson.

Photographs by Dick Swanson 
Statue of Liberty on her 100th Birthday - July, 1986 
     Also available as a poster - 18x24 - with the first stanza of 
   Emma Lazarus' poem at lower right; "Give me your tired, your poor..." 
$30.00 postpaid 
U.S. Capitol at Sunrise 
Also available as a poster - 18x22 
 Quote from Lincoln's Inaugural Address is printed across bottom 
$30.00 postpaid 
You can buy these images by contacting Dick Swanson. 

Fred Maroon's photographs from The Nixon Years are available as archival prints. You can obtain them from the following sources: 
Kathleen Ewing Gallery 
1609 Connecticut Ave., NW 
Washington, DC 20009 
Tel: 202-328-0955 
Fax: 202-986-0448 
Leica Gallery 
670 Broadway, 5th Floor 
New York, NY 10012 
Tel: 212-777-3051 
Fax: 212-477-6960
LICENSING RIGHTS:  If you would like to publish photographs from The Nixon Years project, contact Fred Maroon at: 
Maroon Photography, Inc. 
2725 P Street, NW 
Washington, DC 20007 
Tel: 202-337-0337 
Fax: 202-337-8672 

Bill Steber's photos from Blues Highway are for sale as archival fiber-based prints. The square format prints are on 16x20 inch Ilford Galerie paper, with an image size of 14x14 inches. A percentage of the print sales will be paid to the subjects of the images, or their heirs. E-Mail The Digital Journalist for inquiries. 

We are offering this set of 5 images as a group of 16x20 inch prints for $1,500.  This portfolio is limited to an edition of ten (10), and will be signed by Joyce Fay and mounted in archival window mats.  These pictures are from medium-format film, and all are of very high quality.  If you are interested in buying this portfolio, e-mail The Digital Journalist. 
Bro's Moonlight Ride
December Sunset
Navajo Blanket
Orange Truck
Cowboy and Cowgirl

David Hume Kennerly's pictures from the Sein Off book are for sale. The archival photographs are limited to an edition of 15 prints, and are available for the following sizes and prices: 
11x14 inch prints: $500 
16x20 inch prints: $750 
20x24 inch prints: $1,000

You can see a selection of photos from Sein Off on its INDEX PAGE. If you are interested in buying any of David Kennerly's photos from the Sein Off book, e-mail The Digital Journalist.


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