Spring 2007 Platypus Workshop

March 2-March 11, 2007

Brooks Institute of Photography

Ventura, CA

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This Workshop is in Canon High Definition

Learn from the Platypus

The rapidly changing world of new media will offer today's photojournalists new opportunities to tell their stories, whether by print, the Web or television - provided they understand and master the techniques of video. There are crucial differences between the two, previously separate professions. The rules must be learned before you can break them. The workshop will be taught by still photographers who have made the jump.

What to Expect

You'll be totally immersed in a new atmosphere from the moment you arrive. The Workshop will provide the newest in 3-chip professional digital video cameras. Technical and storytelling skills will be taught, providing the foundation for a new breed of total-visual journalists. Workshop graduates will be the spark plugs whose enthusiasm and commitment will energize the environments in which they will work - and change the face of media.

The cost of the one-week workshop is $1,750 for Shoot-and-Edit students. NPPA members will get a $150 discount. Producers, who join shoot 'n' edit people in teams, cost $750.

For publications that would like to send shoot 'n'edit producer teams, which we strongly recommend, this year we are offering a $2,250 package for one shooter and one editor, or $2,500 for one shooter and two editors.

There is an additional 10% discount for applications processed prior to January 1, 2007.

Contact Information

Marshall Dennen
805 879 8688

Brooks Institute of Photography
801 Alston Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93108
Fax: 805-564-4618

Dirck Halstead: 512-402-0854

Register: http://workshops.brooks.edu

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