Haresh earns a living selling soft drinks and postcards at Gateway. He has three "wives" who share him with occasional fights and arguments, but generally get on OK. Haresh: "When I was six years old I already had polio. One day a train stopped at our village for the first time. It made my heart very happy to see it and I climbed up into it to look. Before I could get down it carried me off, and after two months on the train begging and cleaning the floor I came to Bombay. This year - after seventeen years - I went back to my village for the first time. At that time my father had two houses in the village and we always ate well. Now my mother, father and my sister are all dead; the only one left is my young brother. He was very happy to see me, he has so much love for me; he thought I had died so many years ago. Now I want to go back to the village and help my brother become a truck driver. But my wife likes Bombay; she likes the street life too much."