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South Southeast - Steve McCurry
Photograph by Steve McCurry
"One of the striking things about the taxi ride from the airport in Bombay to the city, is the fact that on nearly every corner of every intersection of the main thoroughfares, there are beggars who "own" that spot. The same people are in the same positions every day. In many cases they have "inherited" those locations, and they see themselves as having a proprietary interest in that little slice of real estate. There was a particular woman with her little boy who used to be on the corner outside my hotel. They were very familiar fixtures, and as time went on, I learned that her husband had abandoned them and that she struggled to take care of her son. Every now and then, I would give her some coins and a greeting. On one particularly rainy day during the monsoon, she walked up to the taxi in a brand new sari. At first, I didn't recognize her because of the rain drops on the window. There was a mysterious, abstract quality about those figures pressed against my window that day, and suddenly the image became striking. I only got two frames before the light turned green and my taxi sped away."


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