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Lewelen, Nebraska, 1993



I see time differently than others, I've always been sure of it. Photography makes that possible. The sunny days make me realize that nothing has changed inside me; only specific things in the outside world have changed. I can take the picture today of something that I remember from twenty-five years ago and it's the same thing as being there again. Driving up those streets in all those towns, I can't help but have my memory jogged. When this happens I know that there's a picture there. For every picture there's a subtext somewhere. And yet, even though the subtext is what brought about the picture, it has no actual meaning for the picture itself. This book stands as a collection - a vision of America - yet the pictures all have some memory by extension for me. That's the magic of photography. Everyone can find his or her own meaning in a picture. That's why I never tire of looking at pictures whether they be found in magazines, books or in an old photo album at a flea market. That's what American Pictures is about for me: I know the people who see this work will find their own familiarity and comfort in the images. For Americans my age and older, the work will hit home - that place you can never go back to. For others, they will experience my experience in a way they would never be able to do themselves. They will look back, feel, smell, touch the American that I grew up in and inhabited.


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